Hello everyone.

The 3rd Annual Loudwire Music Awards winners have been posted and BVB did not come out empty handed. We have fought for BVB and supported them through everything and our hard work shows in bright colors, well, at least plainly on the poll.

loudwire poll

It was a really close battle with the fans of Avenged Sevenfold. They almost had us but we came out victorious with an ending poll of 33.03 percent. Avenged Sevenfold fans ended with 32.4%, just under 1% separating the two fandoms. And everyone else was knocked out by the sheer gloriousness.

Keep up the good work and we will keep on being able to inspire the band that inspires us! If you want to see the other winners (including Avenged Sevenfold, on of my other favorite bands) then head on over to the Loudwire winners page. You can also click on the picture of the poll and it should take you as well.

Have a wonderful day army! Keep on fighting!


Jake gets new ink

Jake has been getting some work done all in the name of a very important person. In case you haven’t seen him speak of her, Jake’s mother, Carolyn, passed away, unexpectedly, on January 18th, 2014. You may have heard about her before with the song Carolyn off their album, We Stitch These Wounds. In the past, she had battled with illness but seemed to be doing alright as of recent.

First time we hear of the tattoos was on Tuesday, February 4th when he posted this tweet:

jake tat tweet

Which he followed up with on Wednesday, February 5th with this instagram post and tweet, which showcased the beginnings of the chest piece as well as the original picture:

carolyn instagram 1


Yesterday, Saturday, February 9th, we got another update on instagram and twitter after his second tattoo session:

carolyn instagram 2It’s looking beautiful already and we look forward to seeing more about how it is going, especially on Thursday, which he mentions it will get some color.

The tattoo is being done by Sara Lou who works at Forgotten Saints tattoo on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, CA. You can view her work at her instagram, http://instagram.com/saraloutattoo or her website, http://www.saraloutattoo.com. You can also view her web address and email on her instagram profile as well. Maybe if you like her work or another artist at the shop you can get something for yourself.

How many of you have a tattoo for someone you care about or someone who has passed? I have one for my own mom, who passed a few years ago, in the works. Comment about them here and have a wonderful day army!


Hey guys, In need of a new iPhone? How about one owned by Jake Pitts himself? Today Jake tweeted a link to a listing on ebay for his red custom iphone 4. The item picture shows him holding the phone in his hand.


As well as the front and back of the phone.

phone frontphone back

Bidding started at $1.00 and within 15 minutes has gone up to $810.00 and has gone up even further since then.


I dunno about you but I don’t think I can afford it anymore. Altho, if you have the cash (or credit) and you want to own a personal item of Jake’s then get bidding and maybe you might come out the winner.


European tour merch

Did you forget to buy your merch at the show? Or maybe missed a show completely (it happens to the best of us). Maybe you were broke and couldn’t get it right then. Well fear not! For those who didn’t buy merch at any of the Europe shows (or maybe you just want to buy more), there are still items available in the Europe Merch store.

Europe merch

Have a wonderful day!


Loudwire Cage Match!!!

Hey guys. BVB is going strong in the cage match. 3 time winners already!!!

Now, they are up against The Pretty Reckless and their song “Heaven Knows”, with their song “We Don’t Belong”.

Vote for them here:


If they win two more times they will go down in Loudwire’s “Cage Match Hall of Fame”

Help them win ’em all guys!!!


I know it’s cold everywhere but California, and it’s even getting a little less summery here too.

So here is the chance to keep warm in style! There is a big hoodie sale at the BVB merch store. Get yours while you can. The sale ends on Monday, February 10th.

bvb hoodie sale

Have a great day and keep warm everyone!!!

TEASER: Victory Call

We believe this is a teaser to a new song that will be released in the “Ultimate Edition” on 6/11/13 along with Legion of the Black and a few other songs.

We have also heard there might be a music video in the works very soon. (Yay!!) We can’t wait to see everything they have been working so hard on.